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2020 Ford Explorer vs 2020 Hyundai Palisade | SUV Comparison | Driving.ca

Well, we’re nothing if not persistent. Back when we set up our comparison test of the Hyundai Palisade and the Acura MDX, we mentioned that there was another head-to-head that we truly wanted to see. And just like that, here it is: the Palisade is back for one more round, pitted against one of the longest-running SUV nameplates in the industry, the sixth-generation 2020 Ford Explorer.

For this one, we welcome back the Palisade’s top Ultimate trim with its naturally aspirated 3.8-litre V6 making 291 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque at 5,200 rpm — it’s the same equipment as our long-term tester right down to the colour, but this is a different unit — and found an equivalent Ford Explorer to pair it up with. The top-trim Explorer Platinum comes with a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6, which is good for a fair bit more power than the Palisade musters at 365 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque that peaks at 3,500 rpm. However, it’s also good for a bigger hit to the bank account, priced at $66,849 plus an $1,850 destination fee, as opposed to the Palisade’s $53,999 plus $1,905. That leaves the Explorer with a fair bit more ground to make up than its power advantage might give it.

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  1. I have a 2016 Ford Explorer Limited. What the hell did they do to the interior of the 2021? Mine looks much better. In the market for a new car and the Palisade looks very tempting.

  2. Went through the comments and found something interesting: ppl not having any of the two go for Palisade. Ford owners go for explorer. Palisade onwers don't search/watch this kind of video🤣

  3. I just wanted to mention one of the things you didn’t say about the explore is it also has front massaging seats passenger and driver, there are also a lot of other things you didn’t mention about it two. If I had to choose either one of them I would 100% go with the explore because I’m a Ford guy LOL.

  4. Where is the Toyota Highlander or Kia telluride or Mazda CX-9 or Honda Pilot or Subaru ascent or Chevrolet Traverse or Kia Sorento or Dodge Durango or Volkswagen Atlas or Nissan Pathfinder or GMC Acadia or Mitsubishi Outlander

  5. I bought an Exolorer 8 moths ego, was very with it untill the transmission broke down …YES, THE TRANSMISSION BROKE DOWN AFTER ONLY 8 MOTHS😲😠, it took ford 6 weeks to replace that peace of s×××× ,

  6. Real facts. The Explorer Platinum with the tech package is thousands more than the Ltd Palisade, yet the Explorer doesn’t have HUD, no power folding 3rd row seat, no way to fold the 2nd row seat from the cargo area, no 2nd row ventilated seats, 3rd row seats 2 as opposed to Palisades 3. No blind view monitor and when in reverse, the Explore only uses a small portion of its 10” screen, where as the Palisade uses entire screen. Facts.

  7. I had 17 Explorer Sport Sliver and wife had 17 Explorer Limited Black both bought new and we both really like Fords and the Explorer. My Sport had 6 cylinder 3.5 twin turbo, eco boost 290 horsepower. In January I traded it for a 2020 Explorer with the 4 cylinder 2.3 twin turbo eco boost 300 horsepower and it seems a lot faster. Wife does not like it and doesn’t like way it feels driving as rear wheels are primarily. I like it but REALLY liked my 17. Only traded because of the deal. Although she liked her Explorer wife never was really never happy with the 2.3 in hers and it did seem sluggish at times and at very slow speed engine had a rattle and we were told it had to do with the fuel injector mixture. Mine 2020 does not do that. She made comment while on vacation last week so we went looking. Drove Jaguar, Cadillac and Lexus all in one day and just got tired and she had decided to keep her Explorer. Next day after months of video reviews of the Palisades I talked her into going and looking at one. We both were impressed with the quality build, massive features, overall warranty, drive and ride. This thing is like a luxury vehicle and the Cadillac was nice but didn’t have as many features and was $18,000 more sticker price. She now has her 3.8 cylinder, no engine rattle and white seats. Lexus didn’t even come close to comparing. We only traded a couple days ago but very happy so far. I always polishes and detail a vehicle first or second day after purchase and this was no exception. In reviews what they don’t compare is the plastic trim around wheel wells and other parts of the vehicle which my Explorer has. On the Palisade all is paint or titanium color trim. Little thing but very important! One other thing that I noticed on Palisade and that is way doors open. They are very smooth. Just seemed very well built! Oh and she didn’t like color of the one we test drove which is like one in video so got the gray. I personally like the dark cherry color. Thanks for the review.

  8. There is no comparison. Hyundai win all the way.. ford not much change on front head light, back is looks boring with exhaust boring design, big tablet nono, engine looks noisy, tight space in between 2nd and 3rd rows, I don’t know if ford 3rd row seats are powered or not, or comes with remote starter or not and what about the Hyundai BlueLink service… where you can track ur vehicle with lots of features + ford expensive 💵

  9. I checked out the 2020 Palisade, 2020 Telluride, 2020 Explorer ST and 2019 Explorer Sport. I had to go with the 2019 Explorer Sport. They were charging like $5k over MSRP on the Telluride which is the nicer or the Korean twins. We even looked at certified pre-owned and they were charging MSRP on Tellurides that had 18k miles on them. The new ST was way too expensive, about $60k USD. I wasn’t a fan of the screen in the 2020 Explorer ST; however, I didn’t like the system in the Kia and Hyundai either. The Explorer should have got the 12” landscape screen that the F150 is getting. Hopefully Ford will tweak the new Explorer over the course of this generation. I had to have a v6 because I have a decent size trailer and to get one in the Explorer you have to spend big bucks. The least they could do is use the 2.7L ecoboost V6 from the f150 instead of the 2.3L ecoboost I4 from the Focus. For $50,000 USD, you deserve an engine that isn’t going to be over tasked by a 4500+ lb SUV with possibly another 1,000+ lbs of people in it and maybe another 5000 lbs being towed behind it. All said and done, I think the Palisade is ok on the outside with a nice interior and adequate performance. The Telluride is stunningly handsome on the outside with a nice interior and adequate performance. The Explorer Sport and ST are handsome with adequate interiors and excellent performance. I mean, the Sport has 365hp and the ST has 400hp. That’s pretty impressive. I can pick up groceries really fast 🤣 When I’m on the highway I’ll look at my wife and tell her that I owe her $5.00 and then I’ll mash the gas to pass someone. It gets horrible gas mileage but still more than my buddy’s Toyota 4-Runner TRD Pro and I have like 95HP more than he has. For the record I tell a lot of people who are not gear heads like me to get a palisade or telluride. They are really the best deal in town if you don’t care about face melting acceleration.

  10. I feel the vertical screen on Explorer is stupid. It is even narrower than the lower trim screen. Unlike the one on Ram, which is the same width or even wider than a small screen, this ford one is just too narrow and layout not useful. Plus it blocks a lot of views. I think the new ones in 2021 F150 is much better designed. Even for performance, I'd rather go with an older designed Durango other than the new Explorer. Durango's interior is old school but also easy to use. Material and electronics are anterior compare to Hyundai but it got big V8.

  11. If Ford wants more favorable comparisons online I don't know why they don't send reviewers the Limited trim. You get all the same features as the top Pallisade with the smaller, but still better, engine for only $1k more. Regardless, I think these vehicles go after different customers, but they still aren't doing themselves any favors

    Edit: the Limited also has the very standard display which, while not better than the Pallisade's, wouldn't draw criticism

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