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2020 Hyundai Palisade | Attack of the Clones

We review the new Hyundai Palisade. Much like the Kia Telluride, both companies offer some of the best comfort in the SUV world with great features. However, there are definitely negatives regardless of the affordable price point. The question is do they offer the same luxury as BMW, Lexus, Mercedes and Audi or it is just a fake attempt?

Kia Telluride Video:


00:00 — 00:35 Intro
00:35 — 11:25 Driving Tech and Interior
11:25 Final Thoughts

Дата публикации видео: 2019-10-29 15:00:18

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  1. While I didn't end up buying from Kia or Hyundai, I actually was impressed with the Kia dealerships I went to. Not as much with the Hyundai. I think a lot of it just comes down to your local dealerships.

  2. This and the Kia would sell well in the UK if they were priced the same as bad value German offerings and if they also leave a huge price sticker on the bonnet. That way our stupid wealthy SUV buyers won't feel conspicuous and their neighbour in the X5 won't feel as superior and may even invite you to one of his amazing barbecues or wife swapping parties.

  3. This is called an instagram friendly design. Evey new model is designed to look spacious, nice interiors but with no soul. Just like the new homes built today. Says something about our generation. We are losing the real emotional feeling and focussed on the shallow exterior 😁

  4. When you guys talk about the dealership network, I think of the Mercedes network in So Cal and mg experiences… and to be frank, none of the dealerships really gice me a warm n fuzzy…ironically, except for BMW.

  5. Who is that dude next to Savage Geese? He said Palisade gets 16-17mpg in town — that's not true! I've read all long term reviews (Palisade has been out for 2 years at this point) and all of them get about 23mpg combined, with lowest 19mpg in city (in winter) and as high as 28mpg on highway long trips (Atkinson cycle helps too). We have ours at 23.7mpg right now for last 8k miles so far (mixed driving with low traffic due to covid). I don't think that dude knows what he is talking about, especially considering they were filming a manufacturer unit back in summer 2019 — he hasn't owned it for a week at least to get a good idea of city mpg. Most probably he just pulled that number out of his arse to look smart and confident — like he knows everything lol. However, I thought Savage Geese wouldn't allow such clowns to affect review.

  6. I am in 100% agreement on the dealer network thing. I went to two different Hyundai and Kia dealers and I felt like I had to take a shower when I left. Yet when I visit an Infiniti or Audi dealer it’s a much, much more pleasant experience. I’m surprised that the Genesis brand doesn’t have its own network of concierge dealers. The dealerships are the weak link here. The best way to market the upper trim levels of the Palisade and the Telluride is to try to pull in those people that would normally want gravitate towards an Acura or Lexus dealership.

  7. Love your review on the Palisade, it is honest and to the point. No cover-ups like some channels on YouTube. Am seriously considering this model for my next ride, you pointed out something which is vital in getting cars nowadays. Electronics, this might be a real pain when shit hits the fan. Had a very painful experience before with my old Kia, had the whole wiring harness changed but still didn't solve a jack. ECU is also now loaded with tons of coding unless the dealer network is able to get their acts together on driving this forward. I would think getting another Korean might be a concern for me.

  8. My wife just leased a 2021. Gotta admit, the interior might be the nicest I've ever been in. The exterior is just ok, but that interior! HUGE step up from the shitty rental car interior that was her 2018 no-dead -pedal Explorer (And yes, it's basically a minivan without sliding doors. But don't tell her that!).

    She was going to get another Explorer, but steered her towards this based upon ALL of the positive reviews. Good to know that you car reviewer guys (and gals) aren't completely full of shit. 🙂

  9. hahahaha we have a kia dealer that is the best dealer hands down that ive ever been to… now for covid to be over so we can get a telluride(not going anywhere so why pay for it to sit in the driveway) BUT THE HYUNDAI ONE OWNED BY THE SAME COMPANY IS SHITE

  10. The dealers are abysmal. I wasn't even shopping for a new Hyundai. I was interested in a Durango SRT on their used lot. And when it came time to negotiate, they tried to throw on $4,600 of useless extras, ON A USED CAR. I've never seen that when shopping for a used car. Blows my mind that these trashy dealerships are still trying this old school BS.

    Great review as usual, SG!

  11. You are correct about the dealer experience. I bought a 2018 Sonata Turbo, in the "finance" department the "finance guy" tried to sell me an extended warranty "because the turbo was not covered" under the 100K warranty. I asked if he was certain about this, at which point he said he was going to ask the service manager. He came back a few minutes later and confirmed that the turbo was not covered. I told him if that was the case I was not a buyer and walked out. Later that day I got frantic calls from the sales department telling me that there was a mistake and I should come back and close the deal. I had an "experience" with another dealer when purchasing my wife's Santa Fe in 2017 I forbade her from ever going back there. I live in Dallas area. It seems some of the Hyundai dealerships are operating like they did in a bygone era. The 2.0 Turbo Sonata is a great car.

  12. If the Telluride was the only Kia/Hyundai option available … I'd be all over it — assuming you could find one. But along comes the Hyundai Palisade and WOW. I love the White exterior and light colored interior. My next purchase will be a Palisade … but first I'm going to let things cool down for a bit and let production catch up. I'm not paying MSRP … let alone over MSRP.

  13. wow. the fkn dealer issue is right. saturday we found one .a 2020 so we thought. did the paper work. ….its a 2021 now. they didnt even know the upgrades to it.didnt even have it certified for delivery after they called us and said they were putting gas in it ! its not even on the lot! fk it its a new one .same deal, and better . but now its thursday. and were on our 2nd used loaner . and my damn car still aint been delivered .they tried to sell it from the other place to somebody else. they have my trade pretty much sold . they are going to have to compinsate now because they screwed up. they took my cash and my trade in . so i can agree , Hyundai's dealers are the problem

  14. I haven’t had experience with all of the Hyundai dealerships but my experience with Butler Hyundai in Central Point, Oregon was exemplary !
    They treated me better than when I shopped at the local Mercedes dealer. In fact my son and I went to the local Mercedes dealer and they acted like…well it is a Mercedes 😡
    We got in his car and drove straight to the Hyundai dealership where they treated me like royalty! Nuff said.

  15. Hyundai continually refuses to help on the extensive problems we have had with the 2020 Hyundai Palisade. Just search Palisade Wind noise and toxic smell on google. You should never need to visit the dealer 4 times for the same problem (engine light) before you get to 1400 miles. A lot of problems with this new model. Corporate assign a representative (Paige) that was basically useless. She said up front there is not much they will do. From the start I was nothing more then a problem she needed to get off her books. Just recieved a message from her that basically said sorry about your luck. This company may be good in other parts of the world but here in the US they do not stand by their product.

  16. This is 50 times better all around than the child telluride and looks better, same with the guy in the passenger seat..lol. I saw a telluride the first time as was like hell no thats hideous.

  17. I agree with Hyundai having the worst dealership salespeople and buying experience.

    I bought a 2019 ioniq hybrid and had the worst experience

    I hate it when i know more about the vehicle than the salesperson.

    Aside from that they couldn't push harder the extended warranties just made me want to walk out.

    I think they know that Hyundai's and Kia's basically sell themselves so they dont care

  18. I’ve bought two brand new Hyundais in the last two years, and the dealership experience was great. Knowledgeable salesman (used the same one) and worked to get me the best deal both times.

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