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2020 Hyundai Palisade AWD Review and Off-Road Test

The 2020 Hyundai Palisade AWD Limited is a good looking 3-row crossover with all-wheel drive that’s just begging to be taken off-road. In this video we check out all the key features, see how the adaptive cruise control works on the highway, then it faces off against the rock trail.

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Дата публикации видео: 2019-12-03 18:00:09

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  1. This did mildly better than the Telluride on this same stretch. If I remember it well, you were forced to take easier lines with the Telluride. Do you think it was because of "Smart" mode? On the Telluride, you had "Comfort" mode engaged with "AWD lock" as I recall.
    Also, regardless of what Hyundai says, the flywheel based brake-vectoring on this doesn't look as effective off-road as others. I am not sure how keeping those wheels spinning at full speed helps. "Less shock" to the system might help with a smoother on-road experience, but off the road, it simply isn't doing the needful. A torque vectoring system like the Passport or Highlander is miles better. Even the Ascent and Atlas with basic brake-vectoring systems did much better on this stretch than either Palisade or Telluride. That's just my observation as a viewer. Would love to know how did it feel from the driver's seat?

  2. Great Review! We are just over a year with our 2020 limited. You get A LOT for the money. Interior is beautiful, love the exterior design, tons of room in the third row, the ride is great and does great in the snow. There are features we still are finding out about, example you can raise and lower the 3rd row from the infotainment screen. A few complaints: I wish the heated seats would come on when using auto start or we just aren't doing it right. The car seat latches are hard for kids to use in a car seat or booster as it falls into the seat crack. In our house, we are split in the gear selector. I thought I would come around on it, but still not a fan. I wish we had folding mirrors like the Telluride, we drove both and didn't realize it wasn't a feature until after we bought it. Wish list item, I wish it had duel exhaust tips on both sides to clean up the look in the back. Other than that, wonderful car.

  3. Great video. Been looking hard at the Palisades and Telluride, but something is telling that neither is not a good option beyond some rough dirt roads and the beach and maybe I should be looking at an Xterra or a 4Runner (my God those are expensive).

  4. With the $5,000-$10,000 "Market Adjustment" Kia is charging for the privilege of buying a Telluride, it's definitely a no brainer for almost an identical vehicle. That's why I'm buying a Palisade Limited tomorrow, for real! Hyundai's electronic gauge cluster and extra bells and whistles make for more creature comforts for us old guys. Since neither one is a serious off-roader and both have just about the same driving capabilities, again it's a no brainer. I suppose when Kia finally gets the message, they will stop ripping their buyers off and leaving a "bad taste" in their customers' mouths and wallets! I mean, seriously? Paying $10,000 extra just because they can't (or won't) make them fast enough!

  5. Blind spot cameras are nice but it seems you don't see too far with them… Standard blind spot mirrors should be mandatory for general safer practicing, i like to look through them before i choose to make move therefor before signaling which can make drivers just nervous if there is no room, not to mention i like to use blind spot mirrors where i have to yield merging roads instead turning my head to see 140° behind. I find it ridiculous how manufactures spend money for blind spot cameras and monitoring sensors tech, but don't add cheap mirrors to let the driver safely see to avoid those scenarios

  6. This SUV is gorgeous inside and outside IMO. I really don't even need a new vehicle but I'm really thinking of buying 1. I retired from Chrysler so I always buy Chrysler's to support the company that pays my pension. I do love the (Chrysler) Jeep Grand Cherokee but I can't get what this vehicle has in a Grand Cherokee for $50,000 with a 10 year warranty so I might have to cheat on Chrysler, lol. The Calligraphy is the best deal out there for what you get for your money IMO. I have a beautiful loaded 300C that I don't drive in the winter and an older Grand Cherokee that is my winter vehicle. I could sell both and get the best of both vehicles rolled up into a Calligraphy. I never thought I'd be saying that $50,000 is cheap for a vehicle. That's more than my first house cost back in the day, lol.

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