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2020 Hyundai Palisade Diesel — Part#2 Off-roading (Kia Telluride’s twin brother from Hyundai)

Thank you for your interest in our last 2020 Hyundai Palisade Review. This week we have prepared Palisade diesel, so that we can go off-roading together. Let’s see Hyundai’s large SUV Palisade.

2020 Hyundai Palisade Diesel Review

-2.2L Diesel: 202hp@3,800 | 325lb.ft@1,750~2,750
-8 Speed Automatic
-245/50R20 | 245/50R20

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Competition: Kia Telluride, Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer


Дата публикации видео: 2019-05-01 03:27:46

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45 Комментариев для “2020 Hyundai Palisade Diesel — Part#2 Off-roading (Kia Telluride’s twin brother from Hyundai)”

  1. Hyundai palisade will most probably be releasing in may2020 in india.. (But due to corona epidemic it might delay😔) I am still a high school graduate but big fan of this suv… If in future I ever rose my budget up high I will buy it definitely.. KOREA IS NAILING IT😁😁…
    Big fan of diesel engine….
    By the way do diesel smell inside cabin while driving??
    Keep up the good work….
    Nice video👏👏

  2. i have driven the i30 N and now the Tucson the Palisade is a great looking luxury SUV l, but sadly they will not sell it here in Switzerland.Maybe our country is to small :). Hyundai is an amazing car company!
    I hope that Hyundai will release a new real Offroader in coming future.

  3. I know this was mild off-roading but was curious whether or not you ran into any problems associated with the (8.0 " ?) ground clearance and relatively low approach and departure angles?
    Good review. Thanks!

  4. Amazing video
    No diesel edition in Canada 🙁
    Do you think the gasoline one is good in mountain area?

    Btw Why the front end design language is slightly diffrent(extra lights) from the one we have it here in Canada?

  5. My one minor complaint & I have no information at all as to whether this New 2020 Palisade will come with rear seat DVD entertainment monitors, as standard equipment depending on the trim or as an optional item like some other large SUV's. But even if that option were not avail' that would not preclude me from buying this vehicle in the future.

  6. Luv the look of this vehicle both inside & out, which I've expressed before, but I'm also a Hyundai owner so I'm somewhat biased my friend. Do you think this diesel engine Palisade will be released for sale in the US?…Thanks again my friend Asian-Petrohead for another great review!

  7. Great review AP! Question, does the locking differential engage automatically versus the Telluride which allows for manual activation via pushing a button? How much torque goes to the rear, up to 50% to the rear like the Telluride?

  8. Another good review. Camera work and drone shots too. My dilemma, coming from our Kia Sorento SX, which we love, is whether to buy the Palisade or the Telluride. Tough choice, especially since the Sorento has been 100% reliable and trouble free for 55,000 miles. I have no good excuse to buy a new car.

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