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2020 Hyundai Palisade | Long-Term Test Introduction | SUV Review | Driving.ca

It’s been quite some time since Driving.ca last had a long-term test, but with the ever-increasing complexity of vehicles all to often one week is barely enough to scratch the surface and really get to know it. With a family vehicle in particular, settling in to a routine and seeing how it holds up after weeks and months of harried schedules and never-ceasing activities reveals just how much it enables peace of mind or builds frustration.

After a pair of glowing reviews and a Comparison Test victory, we still couldn’t get enough of Hyundai’s entirely new 2020 Palisade. Hyundai has been delivering ever more refined products behind its Hyundai badge and making impressive first steps into the luxury market with its Genesis brand, and the Palisade makes a much more convincing play in the midsize-large-ish three-row SUV arena than the awkwardly styled Veracruz and undersized Santa Fe XL. There has certainly been a lot of interest in the Palisade, both from my colleagues in the office and hockey parents from my son’s team, so we hope to answer any and all questions we get about its driving characteristics, capabilities and features. Add your questions or requests in the comments below.

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  1. If you're still working on this, what's the real world fuel economy? Also, does it have both a key and app remote start or is it just one or the other?

  2. Very interested in the long term reliability of this vehicle as I love the features but worry about all of them breaking over time. Aside from wind noise and highway rumble (solved by driveshaft fix) I've seen reports of peeling leather, broken plastic trim etc. Please keep us posted.

  3. Can’t wait for this! Will be staying tune. Any chance you guys can test with more than 1 car seats in the 2nd and third row? Also how well is the ac (blows strong?), We are a family of 7 and live in las vegas. Does it have remote engine start?

  4. Cant understand why no power folding mirrors, no power tilt and telescope wheel linked to memory? Have read comments about some wind noise at front pillar and window, any thoughts. Oh why does Hyundai factory spec call for oil changes every 6000 KM, crazy early when most run 12 — 16K. Nice vehicle!

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