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2020 Hyundai Palisade — POV Drive Review & 3rd Row Back Seat Test

Around the beach this time out with the exceptional 2020 Hyundai Palisade. This one is dark grey and was even more impressive in the Lowcountry (Charleston and Isle of Palms, SC) than it was up in the mountains of Asheville!
We start with a facing shot intro, then headcam POV over the intracoastal waterway bridges. Then we park at a chic oceanfront restaurant for a walkaround and hop inside. Shock! I fit in the third row! Three of me would be tight back there but it’s as good as any third row around for two average Americans, and very roomy for kids.

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Дата публикации видео: 2019-08-30 06:00:14

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  1. I have had mine a week ! I absolutely love it. Looked at others with 3rd row for 2020 and this made an impression forsure. And all the auto safety features are a bonus. Along with being able to change the lighting that runs along the front and back door and front council 🥰

  2. I hit the reverse because park is on the left your just used to shifting up but that’s going to come with drive time. I love it haven’t took my road trip but I am planning on it this week. Love the interior. If your thinking about purchasing one do the night time driving because it’s a blast. You can fix your mood lighting crazy right? But in the dark it looks like s heart coming down the road

  3. I just purchased the vehicle and also noted the parking brake issue. I am pretty sure that it engages when the vehicle notices an incline. That appears to be when mine engages.

  4. Good review. We bought ours 6 weeks ago….our dealers first one. Same color combo as yours, limited but without AWD. Really don't need it here in NC as a good all-season tire and FWD can get you through most of what we experience for "winter weather". Here's a few cool features we discovered over time:

    1) Interior colors are programmable from 64 options
    2) The button for the rear hatch illuminates at night. Nice touch and no hunting for it.
    3) The 3rd row seats are 1 touch fold flat or recline. Once the rear seats reach their upright position you can use the same button to recline them fully, no need to reach for the forward buttons.
    4) There are seat belt clips to lock the metal seat belts away when not in use. No rattling around. Genius!
    5) At night the door handles illuminate from behind when you unlock the vehicle. There are also puddle lights under the side view mirrors.
    6) Spring loaded, fold-away cup holders up front so you don't need to lose that space if you don't have a drink.

    My wife complained about the 'heavy steering' until I explained that the vehicle is attempting to hold you in lane. Once you stop fighting it, it's actually very relaxing to drive. Love that feature on the highway and I've gotten the warning signal several times to put my hands on the steering wheel. I'm actually hovering at 10 and 2, just not gripping the wheel tightly.

    One last detail that I thought was pretty darn cool to a car guy. Go look real close at the tail lights, head lights and side lights. You'll see 'full LED' stamped into the lenses. Pretty cool touch. I have a Z06 and it's fun to see all the places GM snuck the Corvette flags into the design.

    OK, just one more. Put the cruise on at 55mph and watch what this thing gets for MPG in steady state driving. I saw 30mpg for 40 miles. Pretty awesome for a 4,000 pound vehicle. I was so impressed I had to go look up Atkinson cycle. I'm a car guy and I had no idea. As for 0-60, C&D listed the Telluride at 7.1 seconds and I don't doubt it. Our FWD in SPORT with the traction control turned off will lay rubber. No joke.

    OK, last thing I swear. The Telluride (basically the same vehicle) just aced it's IIHS crash test. Did even better than the Honda Pilot. Can't wait to see what the Palisade scores. Also can't wait to see the Genesis version of this vehicle with a TTV6 or their 429hp V8. That'll truly give Lexus, Mercedes, BMW something to worry about.

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