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2020 Hyundai Palisade — Review & Road Test

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If you’re at all curious about the first-ever Hyundai Palisade, the three-row midsize SUV that’s a distant cousin from the Kia Telluride, then this is the ONLY video you want to watch. Trust us, it’s a good one, and KBB.com’s own Micah Muzio is at the top of his game.

Дата публикации видео: 2019-12-23 18:00:06

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  1. The only advantage telluride has over palisade is the exterior every spec of the car and interior and technology is better on palisade ,I rather buy the palisade

  2. I really appreciate the lightheartedness and humor that runs through this review, not to mention some entertaining effects! Wish more creatives were made with this kind of attitude, it makes my day.

  3. I test drove this car and it drives pretty well and the seats and
    leather are great. But the large screen is very Narrow, and the color look washed out. Also the knobs and door handles are twist type and feel cheap and Chintzy. I liked the seats but was unimpressed with the
    rest. Dealer also asked for $3,000 above sticker, for last years model. Oh and its high up, so my family wanted running boards for another $2,500. It's higher so it gets poorer mileage than similar SUV's. This SUV has its pluses, but its not as amazing as everyone believes.

  4. Subscribed! Great content man keep it up! Quick question I hope you answer asap because I'm gonna buy one this weekend. Rank these three 2020 Palisade SE, 2020 Highlander L and 2020 Honda Pilot LX

  5. Hyundai continually refuses to help on the extensive problems we have had with the 2020 Hyundai Palisade. Just search Palisade Wind noise and toxic smell on google. You should never need to visit the dealer 4 times for the same problem (engine light) before you get to 1400 miles. A lot of problems with this new model. Corporate assign a representative (Paige) that was basically useless. She said up front there is not much they will do. From the start I was nothing more then a problem she needed to get off her books. Just recieved a message from her that basically said sorry about your luck. This company may be good in other parts of the world but here in the US they do not stand by their product.

  6. I dropped by the Hyundai dealership yesterday. I wanted to snatch a Palisade. The grill is so disappointing on the top trim. The design on the lower trim is nicer though. However, on closer look, it's so fake, cheap plastic. You can do better Hyundai. That reminds me of what turns me off on the same cheap grill on the Kia Telluride.

  7. Buy both Palisade and Telluride for the price of a GLS/BMW x7
    And do funny things like changing the spelling on the bonnet from "Telluride" to "Tell_ur_dad" (with characters "a" and "d" from the "Palisade")

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