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2020 Hyundai Palisade SEL Review — All Things Fadra

I’m finally doing a review of the 2020 Hyundai Palisade!

Looking for a family SUV? This just might be the Mac Daddy. It’s got so many cool features for parents and kids AND it has a (relatively) reasonable price tag.

2020 Hyundai Palisade (as seen here) MSRP: $43,155

Step inside for a tour of the inside and out and go for a quick drive. I also tell you what I think about this compared to its sister vehicle, the Kia Telluride (here’s my video review of that vehicle:

Full review:

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  1. In the market now for a Palisade. Inching closer to pulling the trigger. Heard via youtube, forums, etc..—about excessive wind noise at highway speed, whistling, etc. Wonder out there if any of you Palisade owner are experiencing this? Hope 'the bugs' worked out during '20 year, and new '21's (zero wind noise)? Thank you. Great 'real world' review.

  2. I luv the new Hyundai Htrac AWD in my Santa Fe which it’s perfect throughout rainy wet roads.

    Since I’ve owed this Santa Fe awd I’ve never had any wheel spin when accelerating from a dead stop in rain.
    I punch the gas and it just goes no wheel spinning or loosing control.
    I run through rain and that awd handles perfect around curves or just skipping lanes like race car driver. 😁

    Believe me that Htrac AWD handles good 👍🏽

  3. We had the 2016 Hyundai Sonata & it was seriously the best car ever. The technology & luxury feel you get from Hyundai is such a steal for the price. Planning on getting the 2021Palisade ASAP

  4. Just to share, the Parking brake will not disengage even if you put in reverse without putting the seat belt on/buckling up first. Thank you for the presentation, I think I will get Palisade instead of the Telluride aside from the features, the availability is a big factor for me. Waiting time for Telluride is almost 6 months in our area and requires a $1,000 reservation fee.

  5. I leased one last night. The shifter is easy to get used to for the driver. Drives great. My only pet peeve: The SEL does not come standard with Sirius XM which I HATE. Sirius is sending me a free radio with home kit to keep my subscription. I got a renewal for a year for $60 a few months ago so I didn't want to lose that. The only way I could continue streaming and keep my pre-paid plan was to get the free radio with a home kit. Hyundai, you need to fix this pronto. I had a Ford Fusion (for pete's sake) before this and had it.

  6. Purchased one a few weeks ago and love it. At first I wasn't sure about the buttons for shifting but quickly got over it and enjoy this way more. Cleaner look and more room. Regarding the emergency brake placement I think it might be more of a safety thing having it away from the shift buttons. Pressing it releases the brake so it would be easy to accidentally press that. My guess anyways.

  7. Hyundai continually refuses to help on the extensive problems we have had with the 2020 Hyundai Palisade. Just search Palisade Wind noise and toxic smell on google. You should never need to visit the dealer 4 times for the same problem (engine light) before you get to 1400 miles. A lot of problems with this new model. Corporate assign a representative (Paige) that was basically useless. She said up front there is not much they will do. From the start I was nothing more then a problem she needed to get off her books. Just recieved a message from her that basically said sorry about your luck. This company may be good in other parts of the world but here in the US they do not stand by their product.

  8. Could that noise that was coming from the air con, actually come from the vented seats? You turned the seats on, and left them on before moving to the air con.
    I know my i30 makes a small noise, but hardly noticeable unless all is quiet and I’m trying to listen for it.

  9. FYI — that odd thing you mentioned with the headlight horizon cutoff is a normal thing found on any headlight, particularly projector headlights. It’s a stair step sort of arc found on each headlight that come together to show a stepped horizon line which helps put more light down the Right side of the road than the left, in the US. This keeps the drivers side headlight aimed slightly lower for oncoming traffic vs the passenger headlight which is slightly higher after the stepped cutoff you noticed in the headlight. Often times you can fine tune the headlight aiming so that it is a little cleaner and more crisp but that’s the whole deal there btw.

  10. Great review. How's the front legroom? I'm 6'3. I didn't think you spent to much time up front, that's exactly the stuff I wanted to know. It's for big families, but I won't user it for that (wife and dog). I just like the size and being up high (bad knees).

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