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2020 Hyundai Palisade Test Drive & Review

Join Steve as he takes an in-depth look at the all new 2020 Hyundai Palisade SUV. He definitely tells you «what it has» and «what it’s got» so you know this machine inside and out. Come join the fun and subscribe!

Дата публикации видео: 2019-08-24 07:16:09

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  1. This is the best Palisade review I've seen thus far. And I think Steve is one of the best online reviewers. Just the right amount of humor, while giving all of the serious facts about the vehicle. Way better than the reviewer for Kelley Blue Book, I might add! I agree with the comment that Steve has a voice for radio.

  2. Very enjoyable (and funny) review. Well, I wouldn't exactly call it a "review" as you didn't have one negative thing to say (sorry, not possible). The one thing I never hear from ANY reviewer, is how big the gas tank is, therefore, how far can this vehicle go on a tank of gas? Thanks again for taking the time to do this video.

  3. Price of 2020 model Hyundai Palisade is 45.000 USDs in the USA. For the same price , one can only purchase VW Passat fully loaded in Turkey for the Middle Eastern consumers, just a brand new sedan. Taxes are different in each countries. Palisade is really awesome and very brainy, intelligent SUV car.

  4. What sold me was the blind spot on dash display!! I'm still waiting to test drive a leather limited addition. If the seats are as plush as I hope they are, I'll be putting my "order" in at my dealership!!
    Only downside… they will not take custom orders so you have to wait and hope your dealer will get one in the interior color and setup along with your outside paint color.

  5. A great well informed video as always. Steve you are so awesome and funny with these video and my fav reviewer by far. Thanks a lot.
    I'm impressed by Hyundai with this vehicle , have come a long way.
    PS Ever considered including a night time videos for the interior n exterior lights ?

  6. It is mid size based on its size. I have an SEL with all the packages MSRP was around $43,500. Only the Limited has more than what I got. I had an Expedition and Armada, which are full size, and one sits up much higher. I did drive transit buses also, so I sat up even higher than the big dog SUV's, lol….

    Only thing I would like, is a few more seat option colors, other than black, gray, and beige. Telluride dark brown (dunes brown), or the old port wine (iirc), would be some nice extra options ..

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