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2020 Hyundai Palisade Vs. 2020 Toyota Highlander — Cars.com

The 2020 Hyundai Palisade recently won our 3-Row SUV Challenge before being crowned our Best of 2020 winner. Needless to say, we love this thing — but can it stand up to the highly anticipated redesign of the 2020 Toyota Highlander? We pitted the two head-to-head to find out.

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Дата публикации видео: 2020-05-14 18:32:45

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  1. Its really quite a logical derivative and clear to see what a few of these automakers focus on in their production. Each is by now established, has access to the same vendors and suppliers, and manufactures in similar markets and building costs. So why does the Palisade look so unbelievably good for this price point? It new designs on the interior and exterior, it uses nice looking materials. So how can they price it less? There are a few critical places Hyundai have cut costs to look like a luxury car. First: R&D. Toyota spends an unbelievable amount of time on seemingly mundane things, testing parts extensively and focusing on reliability of materials, parts, and components. What you don't see is actually what makes a car a good value and makes it last a long time. Cheap materials age poorly and Toyotas are made to last, long after trims, accents, and panels start peeling, fading and cracking, on the "luxury looking" cars— right at about the same time the engine starts wearing out as well.

  2. Funny how the Toyota Highlander has a long record of quality, reliability and resale value. Yet the first year the Hyundai Palisade comes out all these car journalists and commenters are proclaiming it the King..even though it has not proven itself to be quality made and reliable like the Toyota Highlander has. People are so gullible it's not even funny anymore. 🙄

  3. Why was your acceleration test and cabin sound test subjective!? Telling us which one you ‘felt’ was better is just plain lazy. Give us the data. What were the 0-60 times? What was the decibel reading when using a sound meter device? Come on guys….

  4. I got a palisade and as I drove it out of the dealer it broke down 😔 and they said if I wanted to wait until it was fixed and I said hell no so I ended up getting the Toyota Highlander platinum and it’s honestly not bad as described in this video 🤦‍♂️

  5. Palisade looks like a Hearse. We test drove the Atlas Cross Sport, Palisade and Highlander recently. The Palisade has tons of features that are cool, some are likely gimmicks that will rarely be used after a few weeks post purchase. Atlas Cross Sport drives nice, looks amazing other than the fake exhaust ports and hard plastics on the interior… less features but liked it more than the Palisade. The Highlander is the most well rounded. It has the features you want and has the best driving position. If you are someone who cares about driving position, make sure to test drive with the viewpoint in mind because it's the most important thing when it comes to safety and satisfaction of driving. When it came down to it the Highlander Platinum Hybrid is what we went with because of fuel economy and Toyota backs it with a 240000 km warranty… nothing else comes close in warranty which is almost all you really need to know about what will be around in 10-15 years.

  6. Just couldn’t pay $6000 for less features. I’m hoping my new Hyundai lasts miles wise. Toyota has some loyal ass customers! But y’all stuck on brands and “performance” when specs are nearly identical.

  7. Nice review guys, thank you. If you would take in consideration fuel economy, resale value and reliability you would have a clear winner. I owed 2 hyundai vehicles and still have one. They are ok but still not close to Japanese and 10 years behind Germans. All this small and for me minor advantages on Palisade are not worth of risking with Hyundai reliability again.

  8. I’m falling in love with the Palisade. I had the Traverse on my radar, then the Acadia, then back to the Traverse and the Honda Pilot. Now I’m down to two between the Pilot and Palisade 🤦🏾‍♂️🤔🤔🤔

  9. A lot of people here are Toyota-biased and may never would have looked at the Palisade if not for videos like this. Then they see a video like this and get mad that the Palisade (and Telluride) are winning by leaps and bounds. Don't get mad. Hyundai/Kia may be the brands that get the other automakers back on their A-game. But also, Toyota-people (trolls in particular), don't start making fictitious claims that Toyota and the Highlander are just "automatically" better. Because they're not.

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