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2021 Hyundai Palisade: full review for real buyers in Australia | Auto Expert John Cadogan

Hyundai Palisade — you can see it from space. But, two weeks in — I’m still struggling to figure it out. I’m deeply conflicted here, in the domain of love and hate. Details next.

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I’m having a ‘love/hate’ relationship with Palisade. It’s an excellent vehicle — if you meet a tightly defined set of criteria, as the user — but it’s also packed with apparent contradictions.

Top 10 things I love

If you’ve got up to eight people to convey from A to B, and you also need luggage space, Palisade is a beast.

Palisade has a proper, full-sized spare wheel and tyre, underslung, at the rear. This is perfect for regional touring.

This thing is fully loaded. Like, it would take until the middle of next week to run through all the features.

The cabin space is tremendously configurable.

The 2.2 Diesel powertrain is the one to get. Eight-speed auto plus on-demand AWD is extremely well-suited to this vehicle.

Palisade is a superbly comfortable vehicle to drive long distances

The fundamental choice you have to make on the Palisade is: Seven seats, or eight?

Palisade is actually about $54,000 cheaper than a fully-loaded Toyota Landcruiser.

They’ve put a lot of thought into the interior.

Palisade is the kind of vehicle that really has democratized luxury.

Top 10 criticisms:

It’s bigger than Santa Fe but doesn’t tow as much.

Hyundai and Kia need to drop the V6 and start running with the 2.5 turbo petrol engine in vehicles like this

It doesn’t look like a next-gen Hyundai product externally.

Palisade costs about $10,000 more than a Kia Carnival — which is approximately as versatile and as capable, except for the Carnival’s lack of AWD.

White leather — such long-term disaster. Like, everything from the dye in new jeans to the residual on your palms (when it smears onto the white leather door pulls) is going to be a long-term aesthetic disaster.

For all the convenience built into the Palisade, there’s no front passenger grab handle. Like, in what universe does that go through to the keeper?

When you select ‘park’ the automatic handbrake applies — but only sometimes. And by ‘sometimes’ I mean: if you’re on a slope.

If you are parked and the park brake is deployed, you can’t drive off unless you clip your seatbelt.

Palisade — and it’s not the only Hyundai Motor Group vehicle to do this — comes pre-loaded with fake ambient background audio. And, yeah, you can turn it off, thankfully.

I know I previously talked up the price, but if you want eight seats for eight arses and space for luggage, configurability, versatility — etc., a Kia Carnival is $10k cheaper, ballpark, and also quite a good thing.

I don’t know that I’ve solved my deep inner conflict here — and, like I care, because I’m giving it back tomorrow, and picking up a BMW. Occupational hazard. But I do hope I’ve at least crystallized the cases for and against buying a Palisade — the better to help you make the right choice with a serious wad of cash. And do let me know in the comments whether I should return it with the masking tape on or off the nose. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Good info, I bought the grey titanium silver metal whatever highlander palisade for my wife. Bought myself a bt 50 mazda ute, piano black everywhere around the centre console, had it two weeks and it’s already a mess🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Whats wrong with a proper old fashioned handbrake? And why have the even more annoying hill hold?

    Correct driving on the road should eliminate the need for hill hold. You might even find that to use it you are committing a traffic offence. In my opinion hill hold only serves to frustrate low speed maneuvering that is on an incline, a bit like Johns drive.

  3. Looks like they copy many design elements from the European manufacturers. But a nice petite ladies car with 6 children.

    In my view it looks like a hideous school bus.

  4. Push-button shift destroyed the excitement of driving big/large SUVs. Feels like we don't enjoy driving. They should have put mechanical shift one. Feels and looks much more gentle on the wheel when driving.

  5. John, you'd be surprised what the electric handbrake switch does while you are driving the vehicle. Do try it one day, on a quiet road at about 60km/h. You have to hold the switch on. Be prepared to stop 😉

  6. Most people watching this will just get and buy one on borrowing money to keep up with the jonses ; I see it now right through australia flash car owned by people who go home to their rental shithole and work 50 hour weeks with zero money in the bank .but hey at least they think people give a shit !!

  7. John great to hear your report on the hyundai palisade its a car im very interested in and will soon hopefully contact you for your help to buy said vehicle
    Keep up the great work I do enjoy the honesty

  8. Stealth. Definitely John, just not sure we are going to see this vehicle here in the UK, but I do love my 2019 KIA Sorento diesel. Thank you for your past advice, you were right, its great. Stay safe. Yours Pete

  9. Hi John,
    Would you kindly be able to conduct a detailed review of the new Genesis GV 80 SUV, in comparison with the more established european brands ? Your unbiased reviews and acerbic wit are highly appreciated 🙂

  10. Hello John. I am from The Netherlands. Yes, even over here we watch your excellent videos. About the parking brake: we like to have the choice. When it is freezing in winter, you don't want to use the parking brake, because the pads will freeze to the disks and then the car can't drive. So 'automatic parking brake' is a no go over here.

  11. For those of you in colder climates interested in buying a Palisade, here are a few things I learned from having mine through one winter.

    One, the windshield wiper motors are a little weak. If you have more than an inch of snow on the windshield, you will need to brush it off manually, the wipers can't handle it.

    Two, the edge of the hood is very close to the windshield, and covers the bottoms of the wiper arms. That means that they can't be left up off the windshield as some people do when expecting a lot of snow and ice.

    Three, the Smart Cruise Control and Collision Avoidance systems can be disabled by a few wet flakes of snow when they stick to and cover the radar sensor on the grill.

    Four, the battery seems smaller than required. Between low miles travelled due to the pandemic, temperatures regularly below -20C overnight, and lots of power draining toys on the vehicle, the other morning the battery was dead and the car wouldn't start. I may have to get a trickle charger to make sure the battery is always topped up.

    However, those are all small quibbles. Overall, I am very happy with the vehicle, other than the one time it randomly changed the display language from English to Korean. That was fun to fix.

  12. What a bloody rippa review!!
    Since seeing these Palisades released I have been a huge fan, personally the burgundy with alike interior is just bloody spot on! Was great to see the bubble finally burst however and learn of some of the not so great features……however me being the furthest from a blue singlet, mud pigging bogan and closer to a non shoe wearing OCD freak I can totally justify saving the $50 odd k against a highly priced Sahara or $20 k on the TI-L.
    I’m sold to be honest, great looking car and that burgundy interior has me like a fat kid waiting for the milk bar to open🤤
    Fantastic review 🇦🇺👍🏻

  13. Nice vehicle, but it should be for all that dinheiro you are parting with.
    Seems to be a lot of Scandinavian, uhmmmm, similarity within the styling inspiration?
    Which I don't mind, when it comes to first class travel accommodation one can't go wrong with either.
    The Korean brand has evolved gracefully over the last 25 years, which is not a long time.
    I rather respect that.

  14. From a purely aesthetic point of view, I still think the Mazda CX-9 looks much better than the Korean options. Even though the Mazda design is now five years old, it still looks much better in my opinion.

  15. JOHN, you are the only reviewer to point out some of the shortcomings of this vehicle. Its why your site is so well respected…apart from the humour…I own a SORENTO 2017 Platinum on your advice…no regrets.

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