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All New GENESIS GV80 or Hyundai Palisade ? Which SUV would you personally buy for yourself?

Finally the all new GENESIS GV80, to be exact Genesis GV80 2021. I am sure you have seen Genesis GV80 many times, so we compared it to my Hyundai Palisade. So, Genesis GV80 or Hyundai Palisade ? Which one would you buy for yourself? Let me know in the comment section.

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Дата публикации видео: 2020-03-27 05:00:16

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49 Комментариев для “All New GENESIS GV80 or Hyundai Palisade ? Which SUV would you personally buy for yourself?”

  1. Does Hyundai use a different, higher trained workforce to build the Genesis, or are they the same people? It would be great if they had their best people build the luxury line. I'm waiting for the GV70 to show up in the US. That would be my choice. I would take the Telluride over the Palisade. The front styling of the Palisade is just too ugly for me to ever get used to.

  2. Having the transmission control dial close to the entertainment control dial seems almost dangerous. I've heard of one driver who accidentally shifted from drive to neutral at highway speed while trying to change the view on the 14" monitor.

  3. Button gear style of Palisade is against child safety or rather dangerous for everyone. Kids are very naughty and try the buttons all the time. If we parked with P and they pressed D then it will hit with the car parked in front or if they pressed R button it will hit car in the rear. So traditional styled Telluride may be more safe in this respect.

  4. Caranddriver recorded 66 Decibels at 70 mph for the GV80 and 63 Decibels at 70 mph for Kia Telluride. I m completely shocked at that price range the GV80 is lacking in road noise.

  5. I prefer the GV80 over the Palisade front end. To me, its more classy, elegant. I am concerned though. Consumer Reports just gave the GV80 a less than stellar review for reliability. I realize its a new model so reliability is difficult or impossible to know at this time, however, concerning to me. I'll be test driving one in Buffalo this week.

  6. Side by side, i think that the Hyundai Palisade looks better, at least from the front view. For the price difference, i would take the Palisade, both are nice looking cars, the Genesis is a bit faster, and they're both have some luxury on the inside. Palisade is the more sensible buy, i don't see enough of a difference to justify a big difference in price.

  7. Heavy weight is worrisome for the gas powered version of G80. That being said, I would not be driving it as aggressively as in the video. Honestly I think I will stick with the cheaper Palisade and get a sports car for the more aggressive driving.

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