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Here's Why People are Annoyed with 2020 Hyundai Palisade

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Дата публикации видео: 2020-01-20 03:04:07

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44 Комментариев для “Here's Why People are Annoyed with 2020 Hyundai Palisade”

  1. My 2021 Hyundai Kona has been at Reliable Hyundai (Springfield MO) for 10 months now! 8,000 miles and it has had 2 failed transmissions and they are putting in the third one! This has been a nightmare. Dealership is a joke. Hyundai corporate is a joke. Go see for your self. It’s next to the service car wash. It’s the dark grey color. They have lied and lied about the repair or lack there of. I regret getting a Hyundai.

  2. Lol what an obnoxious video. It’s so obvious he’s not a fan of Hyundai or the car itself. Meanwhile, it’s selling like hot cakes, dealers can’t keep them on the lot, and they’re even selling for over msrp. I just took delivery of a white calligraphy model and I’m OBSESSED.
    KBB has even rewarded the palisade and the telluride with best in class resale value. Other sources have claimed this car as the best overall car in its class. It has excellent interior quality, comfortable smooth ride, best in class 10 year warranty , 3 years of free maintenance, and the best value and features of any car in its class. Don’t listen to this guy. I actually unsubscribed a long time ago bc I got sick of his biased BS. BUY THIS CAR

  3. This is my 3rd and last Hyuandi. The noise that is around windows is annoying. I took it to two dealers and I’m told it’s road noise nothing to be done. My passengers notice it snd it is not road noise. It sounds like an air leak. Since Hyuandi will not address this issue I will be buying another brand soon

  4. Ya know what's F$%king annoying about my 2020 Limited??? Going 80 mph and the freaking windshield wipers turn off and won't turn back on because of snow/ice build up in the wiper well!!! DANGEROUS and ridiculous!!! Ya have to find a safe place to pull over, clean out the well area and hope they reset!

  5. Look at the tach @ 1:54 sec just as it says infotainment center has issues? what about ? that tach is jumping in my video, far from following and engine unless they where spinning tires while filming the dash cluster

  6. I agree that the buttons were hard to see. I recently had my PRK surgery and it was hard for me to see. But not a problem at all for me because I remember which button is which. I love my palisade! ❤❤❤

  7. The Telluride also has the washed out buttons, making them difficult to see. Something to keep in mind since people are often comparing the two and you won’t get over this “issue” by going the Telluride route. Personally I haven’t had any issues with it and obviously the more you use the vehicle and the buttons, the more insignificant this becomes.

  8. This voiceover is too much! Makes the video annoying as all hell to watch. Sounds like someone hacked the video and added a ridiculous "trying to hard" voice that's so unnatural. Yikes!

  9. Lol try having to need a new steering column after 13 months and less than 10,500 miles on palisade oh and the jerky transmission which there is no trains mission dip stick to check fluid levels under the hood

  10. I find the Voice Over completely annoying. I recently purchased 2020 Palisade Limited, I have never owned a Hyundai before, I was also looking into the Lexus RX350. The Hyundai Palisade offers LOTS of room inside especially with the 3rd row which is very easy to get into and out of considering I am 6'3" tall. I also considered the Kia Telluride which I think has a handsome exterior. The Palisade Limited has a beautiful interior and I like the dash with integrated nav screen, I believe it is better integrated than the Telluride, (just my opinion). I am very pleased with the Palisade, there are a few negatives I do not like, nothing is perfect, but the positives outweigh the negatives. I have owned this vehicle for 3 weeks and my combined mileage is 23.1 mpg, which is great considering I drive up an incline to my neighborhood everyday. Overall, I am impressed and happy with my decision.

  11. So, my wife’s new 2020 palisade limited. Talked me out of getting another explorer. Her car, her choice, but I can tell you some things I don’t like about this car.

    1. I’m an airline pilot. Pretty used to complicated equipment and procedures. But this car is seriously more complicated than any we have ever owned. It’s not just a casual browse of the user manual, but we literally sat for about 4 hours in the car with the manual to go over things. The good news is that there is very little that cannot be customized or changed. But the bad news is that it’s a long process. And with multiple drivers having different opinions, etc… since I’m not the usual driver, I don’t have the menus down pat and it takes me time to refamiliarize with things when I drive the car. I can also say that at first, there are so many distracting things overloading your brain, it’s easy to get distracted with all these gadgets and stop looking outside. New pilots are prone to this phenomenon and it is a deadly combination on the ground or in the air for us, and the remedy is lots of training. So discipline yourself to this condition and read and study things in a safe environment. Trying to turn off the lane keeping or fiddle with menus while in traffic is a bad idea. We all know this, but I’m telling you this car is far more complicated than any we have ever owned before. Just be careful.

    2. Much of the equipment that caused us to upgrade to the limited, turns out (to me) to be useless. The blind spot cameras are not aimed where I would like, and your visual cross check when changing lanes is taken out of focus when you try to draw that tiny little screen into focus while driving in traffic. I find it’s worthless (however the blis system definitely chimes in if you turn signal into someone in the blind spot. ). It’s true though that the interior of the limited is quite nice. Pretty nice improvements relative to price, and gets easily into the league of a “luxury” car.

    3. The lane keeping assist and warning system literally fights the steering wheel. It tends to fight any driver tendency if you are avoiding a bump or pothole. Worse yet it chirps and fights you when groves in the road or repaired tar cracks in the road don’t agree with lane stripes. Worse yet during interstate driving, at exit ramps, it tends to drift right of center as the exit lane appears, then jerks and chirps a few seconds later when it realizes it has taken you slightly out of your lane. In general I far prefer to drive without this feature. Which, back to the settings for different drivers, you have to dig through menus and disable that, and then remember to turn it back on later before giving car back to wife, who prefers it. This would be my most major gripe with the car. When it works well, it’s great. But at the end of the day, I like to sway a little here and there to the smooth parts of the road, and the car no like that.

    4. Cameras everywhere, but they do not give you a very good idea of your position relative to objects. For example, you can switch to a front view when parking up against a concrete wall, but it’s very hard to discern your distance from an object. Since the nose is so huge on this duck, you have no chance of knowing when your nose will run into that concrete wall in the parking garage. The cameras end up being just slightly better than brail. In short, they give you some information and allow you to see objects, but they aren’t good enough to use as a park aid. You can laugh at me if you like, but there isn’t a single corner or bumper that you have a clue exactly where it’s at. So running into stuff with this metal boxcar is pretty easy. Better camera placement and a brighter picture would go a long way with today’s smaller parking spots.

    5. Back up camera has these same issues. On previous fords, I can use the backup camera line guides for almost perfect positioning. The Hyundai isn’t nearly as accurate. And the guide lines are graining and ambiguous. Ford has everybody beat hands down with this. Incidentally, the Palisade side mirrors can be programmed to steer down to the ground when you place the car into reverse. And that is a seriously handy feature.

    6. Wheels. I’ve tried to like the wheels on the Limited. But I just can’t get used to them. As for the Telluride wheel, I hated the ones that have heart shaped cutouts in them, which you don’t notice until you notice them, then you can’t notice anything else. Horrible design. And the black wheels on the telluride are no bueno. One of the reasons we steered to the huge nosed Palisade. I’ve looked at after market wheels, but that’s a crap shoot, so will probably just stick with these at the first tire change.

    7. The push button transmission. I hate this more than anything. It’s dangerous, awkward, and tacky. For example, you back out of your garage, and stop. If you don’t have your foot on the brake and completely stopped just right, you hit the drive button but it doesn’t engage into drive, or maybe you accidentally hit the neutral button…. next thing you know you step on the gas to find you are not in the gear direction you had hoped… dangerous. With a gear shift lever, my right hand knew what gear I was in with absolute certainty.

    8. Tow hitch. The factory tow hitch is just ugly. So ugly I just couldn’t do the Hyundai one. Which means I have no tow hitch. After market ones show more promise. But Hyundai could have at least disguised this ugliness into the rear bumper somehow. They did not.

    9. Oil filter is a cartridge design. I do my own oil changes. This requires you to remove a plastic housing that looks pretty flimsy, but I can guarantee a big mess over a cartridge filter.

    10. Size.. this car replaced a 2013 Ford Explorer. It is bigger. From a weight and size comparison, not a lot of difference, but it’s physical presence, both from outside, or from driving inside, is significantly bigger. It’s bigger on the road, bigger to park, bigger to wash, bigger in my garage. The upside is that it’s more comfortable inside (although I think it’s a slight bit noisier than the explorer, which was a tad quieter. This might change with my first tire change if I can find a good known quiet tire.

    So, should you get a Palisade? I don’t really have regrets. No car is perfect. The interior comfort of the palisade overcomes all this I discuss. It’s really really really comfortable and nice. The front and mid row seats cooled and heated, quiet, usb chargers out your ears, plenty of room, going down the road is effortless and quiet (especially if dad has the lane keeping assist turned off and I’m not yelling back at the car trying to drive for me😂).

    The only other car I would even consider in this size and price would be the 2020 explorer. (Did you know they are all rear wheel drive now, to get the front occupants back their legroom they had stolen with the transverse mounted engine).

    We looked at Audi, Mercedes, Ford, Telluride, Toyota, Lexus, Lincoln, and some others. Nothing came close but the Ford. And my wife just wanted to try something different. At the end of the day, she was sold by the interior, and I was sold by the warranty. The fact we have a brand new dealership 5 miles upwind was a selling point for the warranty.

    Best of luck!

  12. We’ve had ours 6 months and there’s a lot of wind noise coming around the windows. It sounds like the windows are slightly cracked or the weather striping isn’t thick enough. We tried to fix at the dealer and they said they’ve seen several with this issue and Hyundai hasn’t created a fix for it yet. Other than that it’s great car.

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