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Hyundai i30 Fastback N 2020 review — see why it's the best value performance car EVER!

The Hyundai i30 Fastback N is a nippy hot-hatch that rivals the iconic VW Golf GTI – despite being several grand cheaper! But does that smaller price tag mean it can still be as fun to drive as its competition? Join Mat Watson and find out!

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Special thanks to Souvik for letting us use his car – and launch it 3 times… 😬

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Дата публикации видео: 2019-10-31 15:03:01

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49 Комментариев для “Hyundai i30 Fastback N 2020 review — see why it's the best value performance car EVER!”

  1. All the Americans wanting this and us Britains wanting the veloster ,do both hyundai. I've got this car in shadow grey by far the best colour with red stripes in door sill and N badges on sill to finish it off. Fastback Looks horrid in baby blue.

  2. next vid:Hyundai i40 2011/2012 its cause my dad had one but we had a bad crash and the car was totaled and they couldent fix it but we all survived with only minor injuries so i would give it a 5 star in crash testing

  3. I've had mine for 10 months now and I absolutely love it. My biggest gripe is the tires… The Pirelli P Zero's are not the right ones for the car. I'll be changing mine to (most likely) Micheline Pilot Sport 4S's or Good Year Eagle F1's.. I've upgraded the rear indicator and reverse bulbs to LED, I'll get the number plate lights upgraded when it goes in for it's first service on the 29th of this month and I've de-badged the rear just leaving the N badge. The standard wipers are (in my opinion) rubbish, they pick up bits of crap and dust like no body's business, so I've upgraded them to Bosch ones and they are sooooooo much better.
    Also, I brought mine brand new (my first ever brand new car!!) and I got a 20% discount, taking the price down to around £24K… All due to being an employee of Her Majesty, result!!

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