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Hyundai Palisade 2021 review: 8-seat petrol

Every so often a car comes along that transcends boundaries, and the Hyundai Palisade is one of them. It’s an eight-seater SUV — yes, eight-seater, which is as many as you can fit into a people mover van, but this is an SUV. So it will fit one extra person compared with cars like the Mazda CX-9 and Kia Sorento, but still looks decent.

There are two variants in the range which keeps things simple, I test drove the base model in petrol, which costs $60,000 before on road costs (it also comes in diesel AWD for an extra $4000).

Here’s how it did over the glorious, fun-filled two week Christmas and New Year in Sydney, with my family of four and I for this week’s family review.

How does it drive?

One of the best things about the Palisade is the way it drives. I test drove the petrol version which has a 3.8-litre, six-cylinder engine, and the remarkable thing is that it doesn’t feel heavy on the take-off.

There’s not really any lag, which you would normally get in a seven-seat SUV, so that’s pretty great. The other thing is, it doesn’t feel too floaty, the steering is good and the car has nice precision while turning.

This petrol version is a FWD and if you’re looking for an AWD you can choose the diesel variant.

This means that even though it’s a giant car, parking is not too bad, as long as you pick a park big enough. Even at the shopping centre it sticks out as one of the largest in the parking lot. There’s a good reverse parking camera with line guides to help you direct it into place.

It does use a bunch of fuel in the petrol version — a claimed 10.7L/100km and I averaged 15.8L over the two weeks of driving on city roads and highways.

One thing that is quite different to every other car I’ve driven is the lack of gear shifter. There are buttons for gears which work instantly so there’s no hesitating when you change gears.

Yes, it feels less like you’re driving the car, but I think we all gave that up when we gave up manuals, so this could be the next logical step.

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34 Комментариев для “Hyundai Palisade 2021 review: 8-seat petrol”

  1. Be aware, there are currently 2-3 week delays in Hyundai Australia actually supplying this vehicle as there is an electronic module that requires changing that Hyundai will not release a vehicle without but are not telling customers about up front…

  2. I don't know, but in South Africa, these kind of vehicles are not usually family oriented cars. These are considered as people mover cars. I would have this car to transport children to and from school, but then again there are far cheaper and less luxurious cars which fit the purpose as well. It can also be a shuttle, so here in SA we have a much bigger car called Hyundai H1, hence we do not have a palisade here which makes sense for a South African market because if you want a family SUV, you can opt for a Hyundai Santa Fe which is a bit smaller in size but carries as much passengers as the Palisade.

  3. This thing is not nice looking. The rear is very American but on this thing it looks ok. I'd honestly rather have the Kia 'van'. Sliding doors rock. You know that 99% of people buying these things are more concerned with 'status' and will not buy the superior 'van'.

  4. Pressing a button for shifting gears is cool. It would be great if you tell what type of transmission it is (probably a cvt) and how reliable they can b in future. I think only Toyota makes the solid reliable cvt's at the moment. Just an example because all cars looks and feels great when they are brand new but a family is not going to throw out a car every 5 years

  5. It is very strange that the drivers seat has grooves and cut outs in the ceiling corner mould for pull down grab handles but no handles… in such a big vehicle… does the front passenger have one at least?

  6. I like her reviews but her comment at the end about looking forward to electric cars is ill informed. People do not seem to realise that making the batteries is highly energy absorbing and environmentally damaging and we still have no efficient way of disposing of and/or recycling of the batteries. Lithium is highly toxic to the environment and will pose far greater environmental damage than burning fossil fuels in the long term

  7. Amazing that the push button auto transmission has returned, when I was growing up my parents had a 1962 Dodge Phoenix with a push button transmission , maybe a case of everything old is new again ? 😊

  8. That is pretty crap for fuel economy. We went to our local Hyundai Dealer at Tuggerah, NSW and they showed us this car straight away as we have a family of 6 and need the room but didn't want a van. When we asked the dealer about a diesel option he said they were only ordering the 2.2L diesel version in at this stage, they are a lot more economical and this car has only been in Australia since Christmas. I can see why. The price is a bit over the top as well.

  9. Pity there’s no roof air vent for the 2nd and 3rd row middle seating position.
    I presume if you use all three isofix points (they are in the second row) it makes getting into the third row impossible?? So there probably should be 2 more isofix points in the 3rd row.
    Also what is the cargo space with all the seats down and what is the other spec version? Diesel? AWD?
    And no power tailgate — wow!

  10. Great review Nedahl.
    Real shame that some guys are male chauvinistic pigs, that just comment with disgusting misogynistic opinions etc
    Cars Guide and Moderator should review these comments and Block these people immediately
    It’s 2021, and this crap is very poor form.
    So sorry it happens
    Keep doing what you do.
    It’s great. 👍👍

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