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Hyundai Palisade 2021 review – The bigger Santa Fe we’ve been waiting for?

That breeze you can feel is the collective sigh of relief from everybody at Hyundai Australia now that they finally have a proper three-row large SUV – the Palisade.

Yep, until now the mid-sized Santa Fe with its squishy third row has been the only seven-seater SUV in Hyundai’s range and it’s been competing with the bigger Toyota Kluger, Mazda CX-9 and Nissan Pathfinder, along with rivals its own size.

Not only is the Palisade larger than the Santa Fe, but it has eight seats and a look that should scare anybody that sees it in their rear vision mirror.

We drove the new Palisade hundreds of kilometres at its Australian launch, climbed all over it, and sat in all three rows so that we could bring you this review.

00:00 Intro
01:11 Price and Features
02:26 Design
04:18 Practicality
05:40 Safety
06:23 Engine specs
06:38 Fuel use
07:10 Ownership
07:26 Driving
12:47 Verdict

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22 Комментариев для “Hyundai Palisade 2021 review – The bigger Santa Fe we’ve been waiting for?”

  1. Hi, great review. Our family is looking into The Palisade here in NZ, However for some reason Hyundai NZ Palisade Pricing is twice as much in comparison to the rest of the worldwide 🌐 market? I asked Hyundai NZ yesterday what the reason was and they responded with some BLAH BLAH BLAH answer that really doesn't made sense. Is it possible to buy from Australia and ship it here in NZ?

  2. A 3:55 you see the centre console and a large, unsightly blanked off switch. That is in fact, (in other markets), a button to switch on/off the remote engine start feature. Why did Hyundai Australia consider this feature not worthy for the Aussie market AND on an 80k vehicle??

  3. Don't know what's with Hyundai design nowadays. They seem to have taken a step backwards. Too much chrome and bling and the i30 front looks horrible with the garlic pizza square lights.

  4. Be aware, there are currently 2-3 week delays in Hyundai Australia actually supplying this vehicle as there is an electronic module that requires changing that Hyundai will not release a vehicle without but are not telling customers about up front…

  5. I don't understand why these 'cheaper' large 7 seat SUVs don't make it to Europe! In the UK cars are usually cheaper than rest of Europe but still a base Sorento costs £39k! Santa Fe is about the same! How much would this cost in Europe? Probably almost £50k!

  6. Great review, good humour.
    The Palisade in Aus, Highlander does not have the remotre start like the US ? The key is 3 button, compared to the US 5 button ?

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