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Hyundai Palisade Twins Review! Why i bought my Palisade w/ 3.8L V6 over Kia Telluride & Kia Mohave!

We are going for a road trip with Palisade Twins. My Hyundai Palisade has 3.8L V6, while the press car from Hyundai with 2.2L Diesel. Through out this 8 hours road trip, i will explain why i bought my Hyundai Palisade w/ 3.8L V6 & over Kia Telluride and Kia Mohave. Let’s go, guys!

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Hyundai Palisade

3.8L V6
8-speed auto | AWD

2.2L Diesel
8-speed auto | AWD

Competition: Kia Telluride, Kia Mohave, Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander.

Дата публикации видео: 2019-11-29 05:00:13

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33 Комментариев для “Hyundai Palisade Twins Review! Why i bought my Palisade w/ 3.8L V6 over Kia Telluride & Kia Mohave!”

  1. Hi,
    Anyone knows how to change default settings like AUTO start/stop, DRIVING mode, etc. for palisade?
    The driving mode remains on Smart or Comfort when u restart, but I would like to stay on any mode when restart, same with Auto start/stop,

  2. If there was a 2nd chance now, will you choose the new Sdona instead of Palisade as a family car? Hyundai starts to sell imported Palisade here in China, but with a 3.5 gas engine, do you have any idea about this 3.5 engine on other car models? Thanks.

  3. You are an “influencer,” Charlie. Because of you, I bought a Genesis G90, and my cousin bought a Palisade. Love your videos. You ought to spend a month or two here in the US, reviewing. American-made cars.

  4. Small middle DRL is equipped for meeting the Korea regulations about the DRL. DRL shall not be disconnected more than X mm. That is the reason Hyundai puts a small DRL between those.

  5. Hi Charlie, love the reviews, i own a kia sportage 2018 2.4l gdi. I noticed in your testing when you launch the cars from standing start the revs are at 2000 rpm, how are you doing this ? Thank you from a fan in Australia.

  6. Another great review, Charlie! I'm so glad you got to compare the two powertrains of the Palisade. Had the Kia Telluride been in available in your country, which do you think you would choose between Palisade and the Kia cousin?

    I can't wait for your review of the next Kia Sorento (MQ4). It will be a tough decision for my next upgrade between that and the Telluride here in the states.

  7. I like the interior of the Palisade over the Telluride,. However I LOVE the external of the Telurude over the Palisade Additionally, I prefer the physical shifter offered in the Telluride. PS. Your video makes me want to visit your county. The countryside and the food both look beautiful .

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