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Hyundai Santa Fe vs Kia Sorento 2021 comparison review: 7-seater diesel AWD SUVs face off!

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01:13 Features
02:35 Design
03:35 Interior
11:54 Boot space
12:18 Engine specs
13:02 Driving
17:59 Fuel use
18:28 Safety
19:31 Ownership
20:08 Verdict

NOTE: There’s a mistake in the ownership section of this video. We said Hyundai offers five years of roadside assist, when indeed it is possible to secure 10 years of roadside assistance in Australia.

The Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento are two well established seven-seater SUVs. They both offer a lot for the money, and now more than ever they offer compelling options for those families looking for a seven seat SUV with lots going for it.

The new-generation Sorento launched here late in 2020, bringing a striking design and plenty of intriguing inclusions.

The facelifted Santa Fe also got here late in the year, and also brought more polarising design but also an increased focus on equipment and technology.

In this review Matt Campbell goes through the comparative differences between the Santa Fe and Sorento, and there are plenty of small ones that you mightn’t have considered. Prepare yourself for the minutiae!

The models tested here are the 2021 Kia Sorento Sport+ diesel AWD and the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Elite diesel AWD. Both of these SUVs have 2WD petrol alternatives, too. But in this test there were still some interesting differences in the drive experience, given they share the same platform, engine and transmission tech.

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26 Комментариев для “Hyundai Santa Fe vs Kia Sorento 2021 comparison review: 7-seater diesel AWD SUVs face off!”

  1. Have compared both and then gone for the Santa Fe. Reason behind is that the interior of the Santa Fe has a much more luxury look then in the Sorento. The massive amount of plastics in piano optic for me are simple unacceptable and look cheap for this price tag. Interesting point on the road behaviour. In Europe the Santa Fe has definitively the stiffer setup. Perhaps the Kia has got the australian trim which was denied to the Santa Fe in its recent edition?

  2. I looked at both and preferred the Santa Fe (Canadian market). Both excellent vehicles. Too much cheap looking gloss black plastic, faux rugged interior styling and less comfortable seats in the Sorrento, plus Kia force you into captains chairs in the second row on higher trim levels over here. Both a very solid choice though.

  3. 100% Sorento is a winner, having captain chair is so luxury. I'm in Canada and it seems Sorento SX here is more luxurious than USA. 20 inch Black rims, different leather seat, Bose sound system and more that are not in this video.

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