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Is the 2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited the GREATEST midsize SUV to BUY?

The Palisade has been a game changer for Hyundai. It give you everything you could ever want in a midsize SUV. Under the hood is a 3.8L V6 producing 291HP & mated to an 8-speed automatic. The Palisade’s exterior has very bold styling and the Limited trim has many special touches including 20in wheels. On the inside you will find an upscale interior, 10.25in infotainment screen, high level of fit and finish. Is the 2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited the GREATEST midsize SUV to BUY?
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  1. So far i loved my Limited Palisade, but today as there was Snow in NYC Area and i had to drive in the Snow in Morning, 1st thing, before i realize before getting in ,that Wipers Design is not good, i couldn't raise before Snow as they goes all way under the Hood, 2nd thing after Snow its Hard to clean the Snow under the Wipers at the Bottom Portion if you don't clean wipers won't work, i got annoying with this issue, 2nd issue i had was, i parked in Open Car garage in NYC & they had Key inside the Car, which was done from my work 2Blocks away, i started the Car from Mobile App, Now when i came to car after paying garage, the Car is ON & Locked which Keys inside(in Cup Holder), i'mean how Car can be locked while Keys are in? i have seen Car won't lock if Keys are in, i tried to Unlock from App but couldn't as car was ON and would not let me know unlock, so i had to wait till remote Start Duration(12Mnts) is over, then it turned off, i unlocked it then was able to get in. 1st time ever i got annoyed with my Palisade since i bought(more than Year).

  2. Awesome review, Joe, you’re the best out all of the bunch, you got me a good smart choices. I got 2019 F-150 XLT 3,5 L. Ecoboost now I’m listening your review on Hyundai Palisade, Kona, and Venue and Kia Seltos, stil trying making decision which one to choose for my wife without breaking the bank, Palisade seems top on the line but 40K is quite A lot of money but I wish I could get het that, but, Hyundai Venue and Kia Seltos is something I have hold on to my head, I will so appreciated if you could give a hint one of this Compact SUV, Kia Seltos or Hyundai Venue? Thank you Joe 👍👍 up

  3. On the internet they said the high-end vehicle is $33,000 and I'm wondering why McGrath Auto in Iowa is trying to get way over $40,000 for that vehicle. If I'm going to spend that kind of money I'll go buy a Cadillac

  4. Subscribed! Great content man keep it up! Quick question I hope you answer asap because I'm gonna buy one this weekend. Rank these three 2020 Palisade SE, 2020 Highlander LE and 2020 Honda Pilot LX

  5. This review was perfect man!!! The old guards of luxury aren't doing things as opulent as the palisade. The USB behind the seat, wireless charging, camera turn signal, ambient lighting with lots of color choices etc… I'm also loving the gv80 from genesis… It's a new day and the Koreans are starting us out properly

  6. Hey Joe, I'm on the borderline of buying one in Ottawa, taking one out a trim we have in Canada called Ultimate tomorrow. Second time, and if I can some favors from the dealership its a b

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