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Is the 2020 Hyundai Palisade SE the BEST bargain midsize SUV?

The Hyundai Palisade is blowing away the midsize 3-row SUV competition away. Under the hood is a 3.8L V6 that is producing 291HP & mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. It’s exterior features bold fresh styling. On the inside the level of materials and comfort has been brought to a new level. Is the 2020 Hyundai Palisade SE the best bargain value 3-row SUV?
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  1. Even as a kid I’m looking for an 8 seater suv for my dad to buy for the family. This maybe the best midsize SUV in my opinion because in another vid they talk about how much features the palisade has!

  2. 4 things that i like on this that my SEL trim has. The switcblade key, manual seats, No sunroof and 18" wheels. Sad they only have SEL and LIMITED trim here which i had no choice but to get the SEL. I dont like those push start,sunroof,auto seats and 20" wheels which will just cause extra maintenance when they fail.also the SE is the only trim with BENCH 2nd row seat.smh

  3. When i saw this in person,i loss interest on the highlander 2021 that i almost getting,now imma head out to check this one out on the dealership.its bigger (spacious) similar MPG and price with the highlander too.what i like best is its still have that vintage key ignition and all seats are manual.especially that this SE is using an 18" wheels not those higher trim that uses huge 20" which are heavy.

  4. I can tell you all my life I would've never considered even looking at a Hyundai or Toyota anything but the US car. I happen to sit in one friend of mine I was sold. I purchased the palisade Limited which is loaded most comfortable vehicle to sit in and to drive they've come along way over the years Honda

  5. Best description ever for the Palisade SE. Great SUV..!!! This is a great video and information, just great..!! I am buying this SUV tomorrow an this video just helped me to continue with my goal of the SE Palisade 2020. Thank you!!!

  6. I think its interesting that the top trim of this car interior looks class beating, but the base model trim interior is imo ugly and rental car looking at least in this video

  7. One-grill design for all the trims now? Are you sure? Last month I checked, the top trim, not only did it have a cheap plastic grill, it was also the ugliest grill I've ever seen, and looked like a Christmas-gift wrapper hurriedly slapped on the front of the Failisade. Also the lower trims had the nicer grill design, but alas, it was also made of plastic.

  8. Hyundai continually refuse to help on the extensive problems we have had with the 2020 Hyundai Palisade. Just search Palisade for interior smell and wind noise on google. You should never need to visit the dealer 4 times for the same problem before you get to 1400 miles. Service engine light for Evaporative Emission System leak. The only thing we requested was an extended warranty. There is a lot of problems with this new model. Corporate assign a representative (Paige) for Case#: 17148959 she was basically useless. She said up front there is not much they will do. From the start I was nothing more then a problem she needed to get off her books. Just recieved a message from her that basically said sorry about your luck. This company may be good in other parts of the world but here in the US they do not stand by their product.

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  10. If your looking for a Telluride right now good luck. They were behind in production before the virus and now even further now, but it's worth the wait. They are so popular that the plants can't keep up with demand.

  11. I have the telluride and love it. Great car. Get around 24-25 MPG in town and 30 on the hiway. Kia and Hyndai's quality has really improved. The only difference is the Telluride comes with leather standard on all trims.

  12. Tuscon has similar interior space to Rav4 and Santa Fe is larger than Tuscon and Palisade is larger than Santa Fe. And you can get it for the price of a Rav4. No wonder they are selling so well

  13. Hey Joe, thanks for reviewing the SE model, we bought a hyper white fwd SEL with the convenience pkg. Adds those 20" wheels, smart power liftgate, sunroof, and wireless charging, among other niceties. We chose the black interior and cloth seats, as we tend to keep vehicles for at least a decade, and our Odyssey's leather upholstery didn't hold up as well as we were hoping it would. The cloth seems really durable in the Palisade. I was very impressed. We also went with the fwd over awd on account of the lesser weight, slightly increased economy, and less complexity/maintenance requirement. Great review as usual.

  14. Preferences in styling is subjective, of course. But it's worth noting that the Palisade is built in Korea and aimed squarely at international markets where it's a budget alternative to luxury SUV's from brands like Audi, BMW, and MB and what Americans term "mainstream" midsize 3 row SUV's are rare. The Telluride, on the other hand, is built in the US (Georgia) and sold almost exclusively in North America. (Not even available in Korea, the rest of Asia or most of Europe.) It has a more "rugged" vibe than the Palisade and is aimed to compete in the very hot "mainstream" 3 row crossovers so popular in the US. Pay your money and take your choice.

    In terms of exterior styling, one major differences is the placement of the headlights and the more complex curves and creases in the Palisade. Personally, I'm partial to the Telluride's placement of headlights just below the top of the fenders where they're much less vulnerable to rocks and gravel thrown by vehicles ahead. And again, though it's a purely personal choice, I find KIA's overall design language more elegant and less "fussy" than Hyundai's.

    Otherwise, though the two vehicles are almost identical in terms of overall length and interior space, the Telluride does offer somewhat more rear cargo space with all three rows of seats deployed (21 cubic ft vs 18 cf.) The difference comes about from the space required for motorized rear seats in the Palisade's top trims even though they're not available at the lower trims. It's not a huge difference but it is the difference between near best in class and middle of the pack. There are also differences in terms of interior "look and feel." The Palisade offers more eye candy in terms of the digital cockpit in some trims and a dial selector versus a traditional level for gear choice. Again, a choose your poison difference.

    Finally, there's a question of price and the quality of individual differences. There are ways to configure either the Telluride or the Palisade as a better choice in terms of MSRP but equip each comparably and the MSRP differences disappear. Some will prefer their local Hyundai dealer experience. Others will prefer the local KIA dealer. Neither ranks near the top for the average dealership experience but there are differences. My KIA dealer is a better choice but others will find the opposite to be the case.

    One point is clear. Among midsize 3 row mainstream crossovers, both the Telluride and Palisade set a high bar in terms of a value proposition compared to rivals.

  15. I thought they would have something cheaper those motor mounts won’t last north suspension it’ll be done in 30,000 miles my wife’s Mazda 5 The suspension was done motor mounts 30,000 miles I bought everything on Amazon and wrenched it all on and took it to an alignment shop three motor mounts strut mounts sway bar links sway bar bushing’s tire rods rear shocks sway bar links swaybar bushings in the rear Lower control arms new rotors I can’t remember everything I did no more clunking

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