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Kia Telluride vs Hyundai Palisade | SUV Comparison | Driving.ca

Three-row crossovers; they’re what you start considering when your cute pre-teen kids grow into long, lanky teenagers complaining there’s not enough legroom in whatever compact-sized rig you’re currently driving. And the thought of a minivan in the driveway takes away your will to live. Or maybe you’ve discovered some extreme sport that requires something with a far more generous cargo area.

Look, the large seven-or eight-seat crossover is generally not sexy or a blast to drive, but, as family transportation, it’s functional as hell. There’s a number to choose from; I can rhyme off a dozen of them without breaking a sweat. Two of the newest are the Hyundai/Kia near-twins, the Palisade and Telluride respectively, which made their debuts for the 2020 model year. We have here the two topline trims, Palisade’s Ultimate Calligraphy ($54,899) and the $55,695 Telluride SX Limited Nightsky.

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  1. You should edit your video and put a note that on the Hyundai you can get full screen support for CarPlay by chaining the "split screen" option, it does fill the full screen. I do agree however, sometimes I wish the Palisade had higher head beams but find the Telluride inside is much more younger generation based. The interior is the refinements that made me go with the Palisade.

  2. One of tye reviewer is really biased against Palisade. There's no comparison on the interior between palisade and telluride. Yeah telluride is more popular because iys made in USA, but palisade smoked telluride interior wise and tech

  3. I am surprised there is no 2022 model out. I also heard both of them have really bad wind noise and the inside smells like garlic or kimchi which is basically like marinated cabbage with garlic. I also think it's odd how it's the only 2021 limited car with wired Apple Car play and wired Android auto.

  4. Both are beautiful luxury suvs. It has been said that Telluride was designed to be marketed to men, while Palisade was designed to be marketed mainly to women. Both are excellent choices!

    I own this car and there is so much misinformation that reviewers are throwing around about it. There is a setting that is available that removes the split screen feature when using CarPlay. To access this feature, your phone must be UNPLUGGED, then you can access the “device connections” settings, and there you’ll find the split screen disabling option. Please update your video! This is the 3rd review I’ve seen regarding this exact mistake

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