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Review: 2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited

I review the all-new 2020 Hyundai Palisade in its Limited trim. With luxurious features that many of the more expensive competitors don’t offer, the Palisade is a strong value no matter how you look at it and is one of the strongest offerings in the 3-row SUV segment. What do you think about the Palisade? Would you pick this or the Telluride? Thanks to Hyundai for providing this vehicle and opportunity.

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  1. I am considering the Palisade, I really like this SUV I just keep going back and forth if it’s to big. It’s just me and this is big enough for a family. Any single people buying these

  2. Finally was able to find one being sold at MSRP, and my wife is going nuts she cant wait to drive it everyday. Wont even let me get the spare key she is acting stingy saying its her baby.

  3. I really like the limited. Love the blind spot display and the overall gauge display!!
    Downside, I just wish the limited seats were more soft/plush. Overall… outstanding 3 row SUV!!!!!

  4. Why people say go for japanese car. Lots recall problem. Cheaper interior Not any design change. Same model for 10 years. Over price. I’m go for hyundai. Luxury safety feature only pay 40k

  5. This will do well… and by the looks of my quick query the AWD are flying off the shelf. I've been looking for a new suv for a few weeks now and I'm surprised by the limited choices in the mid size. Literally, you have the Highlander, X3, Q5, GLC, QX50… and a few others. A surprising number of the cars in my selection don't have Apple Carplay so that's a deal killer. Further, most have I4 engines which eliminates them. And all the Japanese cars, I'm sorry to say, have not been updated in a decade… don't have Apple Carplay.. are ugly. The european cars being questionable in the reliability segment. I'm trying to replace a 2006 Infiniti FX35. So right now, I'm looking at the Audi SQ5 and the Hyunda Palisade. How's that for opposite end of the spectrum? But I'm digging this SUV.

  6. I got the Limited in September. I love the car. The one thing I found out when I got home was, it has no 8 track player, no cassette player and no CD player? One other thing, does anyone feel vibration in the gas pedal when on rough streets? All in all I love the car.

  7. I think the consumer will jump on the bandwagon with this vehicle from all the hype and overpay. Then reality will sink in when they see the depreciation in a year or two.
    It appears to be a good vehicle, but time will tell, and deals will eventually be made with dealerships realizing it’s not for everyone.
    Forking out that kind of money and factor in that most will finance it over a stupid amount of months 72, it’ll hit the pocketbook of most.

  8. Great review as usual Matt!!!!!!!! After driving BMW's for the past 8 years, I am now waiting for my Palisade to arrive. My small dealer received 6 last month and sold each one within days of its arrival. I want the light colored interior, but all they have received have the black.

  9. It might just be one of the best SUVs out now. It looks great and really I do not like Kia or Hyundai. It is making Subaru Toyota Chevy and all the others look pretty damn bad. I think it looks similar to a Lincoln at close enough to almost double the price. Other companies need to take note and make their products better.

  10. I like both the Palisade andTelluride but Hyundai really REALLY dropped the AWD Ball because of its Cheap Cheat Fake Brake AWD system that uses the Brakes to send torque side to side. I'm not buying any vehicle that ALL my past rides for more than 25 years had MUCH better AWD systems. If Hyundai had used its HTRAC or Dynamax as they use to use I would consider both BUT Hyundai took the CHEAP way to market AWD. Palisade/Telluride + Cheap Cheat Fake Brake AWD = NO DEAL

  11. По Русской традиции… Сначала я привез первый автомобиль в Россию, а потом начал смотреть и разбираться, что он может! Хамсам Нида!, что все на картинках… для индейцев — самое то !

  12. Sorry, Matt. The Palisade and Telluride aren't "very different vehicles." In almost all respects they're almost identical. The list of actual differences (other than the overall "vibe") is very short. Same overall size. Same engine. Same drive train. Same AWD systems. Hyundai and KIA are masters at building vehicles on the same platforms with components from a common parts bin while appealing to somewhat different market segments. (The Palisade and Telluride are just the most obvious and most similar examples. The Santa Fe and Sorento are also different versions of basically the same vehicles and the Stinger and Genesis G70 are another example.)

    In terms of size, it's easy to think of both the Palisade and the Telluride as "large" SUV's as a result of their styling. But each is between 196" and 197" in length. That's virtually the same length as the Honda Pilot and Subaru Ascent. It's less than 2" longer than the 2020 Highlander and shorter than the Ford Explorer, the VW Atlas, Dodge Durango,, Mazda CX-9, and Chevy Traverse, all of which are typically classified as "midsize" three row SUV's.

    As far as price is concerned, trying to compare various trims is complicated and no doubt one or another other trim level with different standard and optional features can be more or less expensive than the other. But the best comparison is the top trim versions configured identically. And there the MSRP's differ by a "whopping" $115 with the Telluride SX w/ Prestige and towing packages at $47,330 versus the Palisade Limited with the same features at $47,445. Perhaps it's slightly less expensive to ship a Telluride from Georgia than a Palisade from Korea. 🙂

    The most obvious difference between the two is the more "rugged" vibe of the Telluride's styling compared to the more "luxury" look of the Palisade. It's worth noting, though, that the only places on the planet where consumers actually see the difference in showrooms is in North America. The Telluride is built in West Point, GA and currently available only in the US and Canada. The rest of the world gets the Palisade (built in Korea) and aimed at international markets, especially in Asia and Europe as well as North America. And it's that difference that accounts for the most notable differences between the two.

    In the US and Canada the Telluride is targeted at competition from mainstream three row crossovers and its "rugged" vibe has substantial appeal. In Asia and Europe vehicles the size of the Palisade are primarily luxury vehicles from Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Volvo. "Ruggedness" has much less cache, especially in Asia where a growing middle class presumably finds great appeal in a near luxury SUV at a bargain price. Consumers in countries like mainland China are only too familiar with "rugged" lifestyles. Demonstrating one's success with a large, luxurious vehicle is perhaps an especially important status symbol. And as a market, China is the elephant in the room.

    As far as actual differences between the two vehicles, Hyundai apparently believes that diamond quilted upholstery is a sure sign of luxury. Personally, it recalls the sofa in my grandmother's living room but perhaps that's just me. Hyundai places more emphasis than KIA on the eye candy of the digital cockpit than KIA and opts for a push button gear selector over a traditional stick. Again, it's a matter of taste but the push button transmission control reminds me of a 1957 DeSoto. And the eye candy of the digital cockpit will, I think, fade in its appeal over time especially since it provides exactly the same information as the Telluride's cockpit. Finally, the Palisade has a motorized mechanism for lowering and raising the third row of seats compared to the Telluride's manual push/pull design. But the Hyundai sacrifices about 3 cubic ft of cargo space behind the third row with its design. And once again, I'd opt for the less failure prone KIA approach along with the extra cargo space. Others may differ, especially if their arms resemble the anatomy of a T-Rex. 🙂

    As for ride and handling, I've driven both the Palisade and Telluride over the same loop within a few minutes of one another. I think the Palisade's ride might be a smidgen softer and the Telluride may take corners a tiny bit better but that may be an illusion based on expectations or a difference in tires. In any case the two are far more similar to one another than either is compared to other vehicles I've driven over the same pavement.

    All in all, Matt, you're right that either vehicle is impressive, especially at their price point. (Assuming, of course, that one can actually find either one on a lot and purchase it without a long wait in line.) Americans and Canadians are fortunate to have the choice. No one else on the planet does.

  13. We will wait till the 2020 Highlander finally comes out late in 2020, before deciding. If Toyota's all-new vehicle is just a mild restyle( no real interior changes, just the same old thing) and a large infotainment screen with finally Apple Carplay on its top-only trim; It's going to pick its more cramped, lessor tech over either the Palisade or Telluride. The Highlander has always been a great car for young families and small children, but for those carrying teens and adults, there are a growing number of better options.

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