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The 2020 Kia Telluride & Hyundai Palisade Twins are the Perfect SUV's for Families

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Family 3-row crossovers are fiercely competitive here in America and while Hyundai and Kia has usually been at the back of the pack, for 2020 both brands take a giant leap to the front of the line with the all-new #KiaTelluride and #HyundaiPalisade. While both SUVs seat up to 8 people with plenty of room to spare, you wouldn’t be able to tell they ride on the same platform when you look at the design inside and out. The #Telluride came out first and #Kia went with a more rugged and square look, while #Hyundai took a softer and more luxurious approach with the #Palisade. Trying to choose between the two will come down to your personal taste, but if you’re looking for the ultimate family SUVs that won’t break the bank, you can’t go wrong with either of them.

Дата публикации видео: 2019-09-20 23:20:31

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  1. Happy Friday guys! Sorry for the length of this one but we really wanted to show you ALL the differences between the Telluride and Palisade. Spending a week with both cars was a rare privilege and we want to thank both Hyundai and Kia for sending us both cars at the exact same time to make this video possible. In the end, we decided to go with the one that spoke to us more style wise which is quite literally going to come down to which styling you prefer the most. If you’re needing a family SUV and you aren’t looking at one of these, you’re seriously missing out. Let us know below which one you would chose!

  2. Even though the Tell is longer the other vehicular looks longer to me. Both very nice, but on looks the Tell wins. Everything else the jury is still out. I likely will trade my older Range Rover in on one of these. Probably the Tell, unless something in these vids move me a different way. Still watching so we shall see.

  3. My best part (Observation) and kool feature of this comparison is… 🤔 that its between "Korea". Isn't that more than enough to appeal!! 😌 Definitely… they are giving tough time to other manufacturers, especially "Japanese" I'm happy with my Toyota 😁👍 but leaning towards by almost all means.

  4. Too bad the Palisade has serious quality issues: Windshields cracking (current class action lawsuit against Hyundai over this), seats that smell bad, windshield wipers that stop working in the snow or heavy rain, grills with bubbling and chipping paint, and entire electronic dashes and infotainment screens that turn off. Sadly they didn't address these things in this video. But then again people don't want to hear the bad and only want to believe the good and actually insult those of us warning them about these things.

  5. "The Associated Press estimates that six million vehicles built by Hyundai and Kia have been recalled for risk of catching fire or engine failure since 2015." All those extra features and cheap price ahahha ahahaha.. Got cut corners some where…

  6. I have gone with the Palisade due to your great review and the contents offered! Thanks again for your review as I feel the interior refinements to the Hyundai met my needs. The Telluride I feel might be better for a younger person where I am liking the class appearance to the Hyundai.

  7. I'll gladly buy and drive a Pallisade anyday whereasTelluride sounds stupid AF and corny…Im from S. Cal and Pallisade sounds elligant like Palos Verde while Telluride sounds like a cheap phone.

  8. Is Kia a reliable car brand? I'm asking this because I have been a die hard fan of Lexus for long time and seeing that Kia interior is so nice now, which I feel that I don't need to buy luxury brand anymore.

  9. Hows the wind noise level while driving on highway? I bought Telluride LX in UAE and it has significant high wind noise coming from driver side window on highways over 100 km/hr. I took the car go Kia service center and they are saying its normal noise in all Tellurides.

  10. I would preferre the Hyundai palisade because I prefers the features loaded all though in palisade I like the 3rd row seats seat electrically adjustable

    This difference made me to chose palisade

    It's like mg glocster and ford endeavor. endeavor doesn't get adas but has 3rd row electrically adjustable . but glocster has adas
    But not 3rd electrically adjustable 😞

    But price of mg glocster is high

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