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The Telluride Should Be Nervous: 2020 Hyundai Palisade Drive and Review

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Дата публикации видео: 2019-08-08 17:43:34

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49 Комментариев для “The Telluride Should Be Nervous: 2020 Hyundai Palisade Drive and Review”

  1. My palisade has remote start. Love it have driven from west coast and back to east coast. Awesome vehicle and also heated steering wheel. Some long days driving and I have arthritis in my hands. I turn on the heated steering wheel and it helps so much.

  2. I bought my wife the limited and would not look back, at first my wife was all about the telluride. We went and test drove the sx and it was nice don’t get me wrong but then when we heard about the palisade we waited a couple weeks to decide. We went to check the limited out and she fell in love with everything. It’s one hell of an suv already have taking it on 2 road trips with 2 daughters and most comfortable ride i have been in and did really well on gas on long trips, got 25 mpg on a 500 mile trip filled up when we left and filled up coming back. We traded out 2014 Mercedes suv in for this.

  3. I wish the mirrors retracted. But I won't let that stop us from purchasing this beautiful vehicle. It's amazing and full of technology. We took one out for a test ride recently and we were so impressed. We're getting the Ultimate which is 63,000 in Canada.

  4. Dave I went with the Palisade over Telluride and I will never look back.
    I will openly admit that the Telluride has a more handsome presence. But the interior of the Palisade is so much better! You can't go wrong with either one but if you ask me I say Palisade is a wiser choice

  5. Just picked a Limited for the wife. She went from a 2016 Tahoe to this and she LOVES it! NIce review and yes, the price point is ON POINT. $48K for everything you can possibly imagine! (except for pwr folding outside mirrors….weird)

  6. Nice video. I am so impressed with Hyundai. They have come out with some quality rides. I finally saw this vehicle on the road in Orlando and I was shocked at how good she looked! Same color too as the one you tested in this video. Seriously considering it…

  7. The gas mileage is horrible, and that engine doesn't have the torque it needs for that size of vehicle. However, it looks way better than the Telluride. But the push button transmission sucks.

  8. Is there any reason at all to consider a Volvo XC90 over the Palisade? Is there anything that the Volvo does better? Looks like luxury, features, ride quality, value, reliability all favor the Hyundai.

  9. Eco mode is the best mode to save gas and smart mode reads your driving (ex. If you go fast and you always like putting on sport it will automatically Change to sport without you changing modes and if you slow and you like putting on eco it will automatically Change it)

  10. My father owns the telluride but than we test drove the palisade and it was nice but telluride looked better than the palisade, we where about to buy the palisade but than we saw the telluride over all there both nice 👍

  11. On Average, the Kia is 5k cheaper. The Digital I.P. is available only on the most expensive Palisade. Also, the Telluride offers the Butterscotch interior on the SX that for most, nicer than any color available in the Palisade. It really comes down to taste. The one subjective thing that the Palisade has over the Telluride is that it's made on Korea vs the U.S. for the Telluride.

  12. Car company keeps adding so much technology once they break nobody know what to do.. mechanics at the dealership are clueless…
    I test drove all this crossover and way to much tech while you are driving..
    Got a 4Runner basic and just real life driving.

  13. why should it, they are both the same company, so win win…try doing a test with the new Explorer or Highlander, which is coming and may outdo the Palisade and Telluride for SUV of the year. !!

  14. I love you… You are my one of the best cars/vehicles reviewer and mentor. Great job always keep up thank you… I love cars specially honda and toyota build for life nobody beat this kind of brand engines honda and toyota japanese engines engineering is top 1 in the worlds.

  15. I drove it too a few weeks ago. The Lease prices are ridiculous but I Hear they are coming down to reality …. Telluride was hard to get a deal on but not as much …now plenty of incentives coming

  16. Love your reviews brother! You keep it very down to earth and connect with us the way you incorporate your personal life in these reviews. Keep up the good work and can't wait for the Telluride/Palisade comparison!

  17. We drove both and picked the Palisade. This was after driving the VW Atlas, Honda Pilot, Chevrolet Traverse, Subaru Ascent, Infiniti QX80, Volvo XC90, Toyota Highlander and Mazda CX-9. Most reviewers are now calling it a 2 way tie for 3 row SUV/CUV between the Palisade and the equally impressive Kia Telluride. I think between the 2 (Telluride/Palisade) the deciding factors will be:

    1) Styling interior/exterior — 100% subjective and it should be. You're the one who has to look at it everyday.
    2) Center console — You either like the Palisade's push button shifter and how this enables more efficient use of the center console, or you don't.
    3) Driver info center — Palisade is 12.3", 100% programmable and digital versus 7" digital + 2 analog, non-customizable gauges in the Kia.
    4) Push button 3rd row decline is only available in the Palisade.
    5) 20" wheels — black only on the Telluride, black chrome on the Palisade.
    6) Palisade has different rear end suspension. Makes the ride VERY compliant. Shocks are supplied by 2 different suppliers. Palisade uses Sachs/ZF and are tuned to react faster than Kia which means it can actually be both more compliant and a better handler.
    7) Palisade has more sound deadening and thicker glass. Makes for a very quiet ride, although the Telluride is not far behind.
    8) Telluride has more space (2") behind the 3rd row. Slightly different length and body lines for the Palisade surrenders the space.
    9) Palisade limited comes standard with self-leveling suspension. Telluride you need to order the trailering package.
    10) Kia has power folding mirrors, Hyundai does not.
    11) Both have 630watt stereos, Kia has 10 speakers, Hyundai has 12. I honestly couldn't tell a difference, but I'm sure some audiophile could.

    That's really it for differences between the 2. 2,200 miles is not enough to judge quality yet, but I can tell you that initial fit/finish in the Hyundai was better than the Kia we drove. The Kia is built in West Point, GA while the Palisade is built in Ulsan, South Korea alongside the Genesis G sedans. I won't argue that this makes the quality better in any way, just that we could see some ill-fitting interior plastic pieces on the Kia that we didn't see on our Hyundai.

  18. The Palisade & Telluride have great safety features! I especially like the alert that beeps and messages your phone if you leave a baby/pet in the car as well as the feature that does not allow you to open the door if a car/bike/etc. is approaching. You get so much for the money. You can not go wrong with either car. The grill on the Palisade does not look bad with the Saloon Silver. Great review.

  19. What are the odds Dave that you could go a little more in depth with the drivers display than other reviewers as no one has shown how customizable this display is and if it’s worth going up to when compared to analog / digital version found on lower trims and the Telluride?

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